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  • Richard Simmons HOPE

    Richard Simmons HOPE

    Not content to age gracefully, 63-year-old fitness maven Richard Simmons parades his increasingly bizarre collection of sparkly shirts and debuts his singing and songwriting talent (!) in Project HOPE, his first major TV infomercial in over a decade.

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  • Magic Bullet

    Magic Bullet

    Here is your invitation to the hazy morning after Mick and Mimi's party. So pull up a stool and join party animal "Berman," chain-smoking "Hazel," and a bunch of yuppies as they gasp in amazement at a blender.

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  • FlowBee


    In this classic 1980s infomercial, carpenter Rick Hunts convinced "hundreds of thousands" that they could save a few bucks by getting their hair cut at home by a vacuum cleaner.

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  • Tom Vu

    Tom Vu

    In the late 80s and early 90s, a Vietnamese immigrant named Tom Vu presented mansions, yachts, luxury cars, and gorgeous women in bikinis as the inevitable rewards of his wealth system. The most shameless and best remembered of the get-rich-quick real estate infomercials.

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  • Miss Cleo

    Miss Cleo

    Babies, trust your future to de mystical powers of a psychic who can't even get her Jamaican accent right. Learn about the rise and fall of "Miss Cleo" and why her image will forever be an emblem of the phone-in psychic racket.

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  • Rejuvenique


    Want to tighten your facial muscles without the hassle of plastic surgery? Hosted by Linda Evans, this infomercial offers a plastic mask hooked up to a 9-volt battery as a fantastic way to exercise your face. One of the most disturbing beauty products ever.

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  • Santo Gold

    Santo Gold

    This truly bizarre, low-budget infomercial tries to both sell a gaudy gold jewelry biz-op and promote a "space wrestling" movie called Blood Circus. Features Santo Gold himself singing! Perhaps the strangest infomercial ever broadcast.

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  • Myotron Pulse Wave (Crime in America)

    Myotron Pulse Wave (Crime in America)

    Sheer terror helps sell the Myotron Pulse Wave, a glorified stun-gun. Crime statistics and grisly re-enactments of rape, muggings, and murder aim to frighten the viewers into buying. Lame dramatizations with horrible acting show the Myotron in action. This is my pick for the most hilarious infomercial ever broadcast!

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  • ExtenZe


    Porn star Ron "The Hedgehog" Jeremy interviews his colleagues from the world of adult video. Oh, by the way, this infomercial also tries to sell ExtenZe, a pill for growing "that certain part of the male anatomy."

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  • Extamax


    In the most shameless "male enhancement" infomercial yet, a bunch of STD-ridden nightclub skanks in their 20s stay sober long enough to discuss whether "size matters." And don’t miss Dr. Victoria Zdrok—porn star with a PhD.

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  • Dual Action Cleanse with Klee Irwin

    Dual Action Cleanse with Klee Irwin

    This one-time radio infomercial has made the television big time. Watch colon cleanser expert Klee Irwin get down and dirty with thirty minutes of doo-doo talk.

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  • The Baby Bullet

    The Baby Bullet

    The latest infomercial in the Magic Bullet series invites us to the baby shower from hell! Watch a baby food maker in action along with a drunken grandma, a nagging mom, and a husband who gets emasculated before our very eyes. Don't miss Mick as a deliveryman and the "cute" Baby Bullet face logo.

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  • Tajazzle


    Women can increase their confidence by sticking crystals on their private parts! At least that's what the makers of the infomercial for the Tajazzle "3 step personal confidence system" want you to believe. One of the strangest sales angles ever seen on a TV infomercial.

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  • HealthMaster: Living Well with Montel

    HealthMaster: Living Well with Montel

    Longtime daytime talk show host Montel Williams sells a blender by putting on a total freak show: Elderly clairvoyant Sylvia Brown rasps out psychic readings. A surly fat kid is force-fed green vegetable juice. And "Dr. Mike" shows us a colon tumor. (Sorry, no DNA testing on today’s program.)

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  • Bullet Express

    Bullet Express

    In this exciting third installment in the legendary Magic Bullet series, Mick and Mimi invite their relatives over and force them to watch an "8 minute meal machine." New characters include two crabby old ladies, Granny and Aunt Martha, and the fat slob Ralph.

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  • ExtenZe 7th Anniversary

    ExtenZe 7th Anniversary

    It has been a full seven years since the appalling ExtenZe infomercial first tried to convince losers that taking a pill would that increase "that certain part of the male anatomy." Now you can toast this anniversary with a new ExtenZe "male enhancement beverage." Makes a great cocktail!

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  • Almighty Cleanse with Danny Vierra

    Almighty Cleanse with Danny Vierra

    It looks like we're in deep doo-doo again! Self-described "health evangelist" Danny Vierra is on a crusade to clear your colon of poo and parasites and is perfectly willing to gross you out to do it.

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  • Matthew Lesko

    Matthew Lesko

    With the wardrobe of the Riddler and the charm of Urkel, Matthew Lesko promises to reveal the secrets of how to snatch money from the government.

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  • Magic Jack

    Magic Jack

    Mel Arthur and his hair plugs try to convince viewers they are watching something called the "$avings Shopping Network" in an effort to get them to try the Magic Jack Internet phone device.

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  • Dr. Ho

    Dr. Ho

    It looks like an electrical gadget is inducing muscle spasms. But Dr. Ho assures us it's really a soothing massage. And if watching involuntary muscle contractions isn't your thing, Dr. Ho provides plenty of cleavage and firm butt cheeks for you to look at.

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  • Magic Bullet To Go

    Magic Bullet To Go

    Mick and Mimi drag their friends to the woods and force them to watch a blender again in this exciting sequel to the Magic Bullet infomercial. Everyone's favorite alcoholics, Hazel and Berman, return and get cozy. Also, see Barney and Betty's marriage fall apart and Dino act like a dumbass.

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  • Nads


    From Australia comes green goo that removes body hair. See it applied to all parts of the body. Features the first infomercial testimonial from a bearded lady.

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  • Tony Little Gazelle

    Tony Little Gazelle

    Blonde, muscular, pony-tailed infomercial icon Tony Little is still shouting after all these years. This time around he's showing T&A and screaming to get you to try some sort of glider contraption called the Gazelle Freestyle.

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  • California Pines

    California Pines

    Some guy dressed like a cross between Yosemite Sam and a pimp tries to sell lots of land in northern California. Viewers are told that the nature, people, and lifestyle of this place really, truly, and actually are perfect in every way. Later versions of this infomercial hosted by Erik "Ponch" Estrada.

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  • Alzare


    The Alzare infomercial proves that penis enlargment ads are not just for your Inbox anymore. This program features on-the-street testimonials with some of the stupidest statements ever uttered on an infomercial. Learn exactly why "size matters."

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  • AromaTrim


    Get your nose to lose weight for you. Just stick AromaTrim under your nostrils and let it alter your brain chemistry. It's painless! See the infomercial that isn't afraid to blindfold and mock its volunteers.

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  • Poder Sexual

    Poder Sexual

    Think Latino TV isn't doing enough to stimulate its audience? This pre-Viagra Spanish infomercial peddles a "100% Natural" aphrodisiac. Dramatizations prove Poder Sexual can both salvage your love life and prevent suicide.

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  • Juiceman II

    Juiceman II

    A hyperactive and disjointed old man is touted as the picture of good health. By "juicing" you can be just like him. With fervent, nonstop body movements, Jay "The Juiceman" Kordich vouches for the incredible powers of fruit and vegetable juices.

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  • Dual Action Cleanse 2

    Dual Action Cleanse 2

    The Count Chocula of Colon Cleasing, Klee Irwin, is back to creep us out with a new version of his infomercial. See a picture of what comes out of you after a "cleanse!" Learn about the celebrities that use Dual Action Cleanse! Please do not watch while eating.

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  • Love Avenue Date Line

    Love Avenue Date Line

    Wanna meet all sorts of gorgeous and vacuous people? The infomercial for the Love Avenue date-line flashes images of barely-clothed, sexy bodies and promises that you can date people just like them just by calling. So what are you waiting for...?

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  • Tae Bo

    Tae Bo

    Karate champ Billy Blanks' Tae Bo workout is the hottest thing in Hollywood. The endorsement of so many celebrities supposedly makes this exercise regimen more credible. But this infomercial tells us that Blanks is not just concerned with taut and trim bodies: he cares about our "spirit."

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  • Richard Simmons: Farewell to Fat

    Richard Simmons: Farewell to Fat

    A stage was built in a shopping mall, Richard Simmons showed up to prance around on it, and a crowd of thousands arrived to stare at the fey fitness expert taping his infomercial. One woman has a spontaneous emotional breakdown in Richard's presence.

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