Lid Lift: Stop Using the Bathroom Like It’s the 90s!

I am hesitant to write about the Lid Lift infomercial, because despite the assurance that “This is a Paid Advertisement” I am certain this thing has never actually aired on TV. But this video promoting a toilet lid handle is just too odd not to share:

The host has to be one of the most…unique…personalities I’ve seen pitching a product. Like Vince Offer of ShamWow, he has a penchant for coining his own phrases (“Start dialing, start smiling”, “Like a mouse and cheese, never been more of a breeze”, “You guys are all still using the bathroom like it’s the 90s”). The overall filmmaking technique is reminiscent of that displayed by the character Michael Scott in The Office (cf. “Threat Level Midnight”).Yet the ineffable strangeness of the overall presentation can only be compared to that of Santo Gold.

The name Carlton Krumpfes is as unusual as the Lid Lift infomercial itself. In fact, some might suspect that the name is made up and the whole thing is just some sort of a joke. Yet a Google search for “Carlton Krumpfes” returns some rather interesting results. I cannot say if any of those Carlton Krumpfes are the same Carlton Krumpfes, but this article from the Indiana Daily Student might explain a lot about the marketing style featured on the Lid Lift infomercial.

Although the pitchman exhibits a calm demeanor through most of the infomercial, this is occasionally punctuated by angry outbursts, such as when he declares “Your hands are filthy!”, shouts “You’re hired!”, and starts beating his chest like an agitated gorilla.

The Lid Lift infomercial features a background graphic fashioned out of paper and black marker. The Lid Lift product has no website but does have a Facebook page, which features this image shown on the infomercial:

None of us would be willing to use such a disgusting toilet…unless, of course, we had a Lid Lift, in which case using it would be no problem at all.

The Lid Lift is not for sale yet and in fact Carlton Krumpfes offers them free to anyone brave enough to call or email him. He makes a pitch for people interested in making money by selling Lid Lifts: “Want to earn a few hundred dollars in your spare time?…Throw a Lid Lift party.” Okay, but only if there’s no bobbing for apples!

Just to make sure the strangeness continues to the bitter end, the Lid Lift infomercial finishes with a voiceover that sounds like Eric Cartman from South Park.

Their YouTube channel also includes this video of Dr. Geek, the rapper made famous in the old BluBlockers infomercial, rapping about the joys of Lid Lift:

Somebody get Carlton Krumpfes on Shark Tank quick!

A bacteria-free thank you to reader Phil C. for letting us know about the Lid Lift infomercial.


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  • Good to know that the Lid Lift can survive getting run over by a car. That’s one of my requirements for a toilet accessory.

    Comment by Julie on April 6, 2012 at 9:34 pm