Do Daddy: The Hand Grip with the Name that Makes Everyone Uncomfortable

The product is a hand grip that can be attached to shovels, rakes, and mops for easier handling. Yet, for some reason, the makers of this useful product felt compelled to give it a highly suggestive name, Do Daddy:

Were the marketers of this thing really oblivious to what the phrase “do daddy” means to people? Maybe they were hoping an outlandish name would generate buzz and prompt the video to go viral, but such an approach seems to be belied by the dull and straightforward nature of the infomercial itself. Perhaps the promoters had intended to make a large ad spend during broadcasts of NBC’s To Catch a Predator?

Using the name DoDaddy has made this utility item as erotically charged as Sexy Bandz or Extamax.

Still, Do Daddy was an improvement over the other names under consideration: “The Incest Handle” and “HaveSexWithYourFather.”


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  • There is a new gimmicky pillow on the market. The Bright Light Pillow.

    Comment by pikapal on March 29, 2012 at 4:01 am