Ahh Bra Infomercial: Rhonda Shear is the Don Rickles of Bras

The Genie Bra is not the only seamless bra product being sold by infomercial these days. The Ahh Bra is also girding the airwaves in an attempt to improve women’s bustlines.

In one amazing scene, Ahh Bra creator (and former host of USA Up All Night) Rhonda Shear makes pointed jokes about the bras worn by four women before having them try on her product. She comes across as some sort of saucy insult comic, like Don Rickles, or maybe Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. Rhonda Shear even uses the term “seriously” a lot during these evaluations, like you might hear from some hack comedian onstage at a comedy club.

As soon as Rachel arrives, Rhonda tells her, “I don’t know what you do but you have a bad bra on,” which is pretty much a standard way of introducing yourself to a new person in any situation. Rhonda then tells this “kind of a soccer mom” that “I bet the teams were losing because you distracted them with that bra”—undoubtedly true, considering how troubled so many young soccer players can get at the sight of an ill-fitting brassiere. Ms. Shear goes on to unleash the following pleasantries about Rachel’s bustline:

“Seriously, is this your nursing bra?…Either you’ve shrunk or the bra’s expanded.”

“This bra is so big it’s dinner for two in there…Seriously, you could put the boxes from a Chinese restaurant in there”

“That is the most mamma bra.”

“Now I know why women burn their bras. Your bra will set the example.”

Next up to be put down is Jamie:

“You’re newly single and that’s your hot bra?”

“Was this your starter bra? I mean, seriously, it is so small. You can see everything…You’re hanging out everywhere.”

To actress and model Regina, Rhonda has this to say:

“Are you serious? The girls are everywhere; they’re everywhere.”

“This would get you a part in a late night movie on a channel that you would have to pay for in a hotel.”

Leslie gets hit with these slanders:

“The problem with this bra is it’s actually too big. It’s like you made reservations for four and only two showed up”

“Who picks your clothes – Stevie Wonder?”

Ooops, that last line was actually a joke from Don Rickles and not from the Ahh Bra infomercial at all. Sorry about that. Honest mistake. Seriously.


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