WonderTrim: Is Marc Gill Selling a Male Enhancement Product?

Turn on your television these days and you’ll soon come across omnipresent pitchman Marc Gill selling everything from kitchen products like Perfect Tortilla and the Minden Anytime Grill to household items like Drain Doctor and Power Shower.

But I never expected Marc Gill to be pitching a product to increase the size of that certain part of the male anatomy! Male enhancement commercials have always struggled to come up with a demo that could be shown on television. Ingeniously, Marc overcomes this by unfurling a measuring tape to let every man know that in between the sheets it really is a game of inches—and you better measure up or go home. And note that Marc isn’t too shy to name the body part in question either!

Maybe Marc Gill has given up trying to be the next Billy Mays and is now trying to be the next Ron Jeremy!

Okay, okay, WonderTrim isn’t really a male enhancement product! It’s a product for caulking your bathroom. But the pronunciations of the words “caulk” (kawk) and “cock” (kahk) are so close as to make for some interesting listening. Listen to the entire WonderTrim commercial for yourself:

In the previous version of the WonderTrim infomercial, the voiceover announcer even went so far as to pronounce the silent “L” in “caulk”—precisely so that people wouldn’t mistakenly think they were watching the latest Extamax ad:

Marc Gill on the WonderTrim commercial.


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  • John Abdo went from infomercials selling exercise equipment (the AbDoer) to infomercials selling male enhancement pills (Androzene), so there’s still hope Marc Gill will take the same path 😉

    Comment by euGene on March 7, 2013 at 3:18 pm