Hilarious Chinese Sexual Health Infomercials

Boyd Jones, an American venture capitalist working in China, has captured video of some ludicrous infomercials being broadcast in the Chinese city of Jinan.

On the evidence of these videos, the infomercials in China tend to be ones selling sexual and medical products. These infomercials are, of course, in Chinese, but Boyd Jones provides play by play.

Here is an ad for a male enhancement pill that shows lots of computer-generated graphics cross-sections, including one of an enormously large male member.

In the U.S., the hard-to-believe claims of health products are supposed to be made more credible by claiming that the formulas originate in far-away lands, such as Japan or Iceland (e.g., Kinoki Foot Pads and Iceland Health). Well, in China the exotic foreign land is…the United States of America! In this infomercial for a vaginal cream, they try to build up the credibility of the product through an American pedigree:

In spite of their admiration for American goods, the Chinese have not gotten around to importing American-style political correctness on racial matters. Check out the graphics comparing the penile girth of the black, white, and yellow man:

Not only do the Chinese appreciate American-made products, they also value endorsements from prominent Americans. Look who backs a vaginal cream:

If I were a woman, I’d feel a lot better knowing a substance I smeared on my vagina had the endorsement of Bill Gates. But there are even more prominent Americans who have made endorsements:

I think we all remember that State of the Union address in which President Clinton proudly announced a breakthrough in penis enlargement technology, to the applause of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Supreme Court, members of Congress from both parties, and a grateful nation.

Strange how sex products sold on Chinese infomercials can get endorsements from Presidents and billionaire CEOs—while back in the USA ExtenZe has to settle for Ron Jeremy!

See more videos of these Chinese infomercials on YouTube.


  • 3 Responses to “Hilarious Chinese Sexual Health Infomercials”

  • Funny videos. I wonder if they use proper anatomical terminology or if they simply refer to “that certain part of the male body”.

    Comment by Daniel on June 25, 2008 at 8:02 pm

  • LOL!

    Comment by Paul Lucas on June 25, 2008 at 9:19 pm

  • I shouldn’t laugh at this, since politically and health speaking, it is a serious thing; but I can’t help it. It is evident that they are using Caucasian to give a certain “worth” or “credibility” to their unpleasing products.

    Comment by Cosmetic Dentistry Orange on June 26, 2009 at 2:47 am