1-2-3 Straplesse! 1-2-3 Straplesse! Infomercial Finds Novel Use for Morphing Technology

I regret having to write about yet another product for breasts, but as long as they keeping making absurd infomercials selling products for the bustline then I’ll keep writing about them.

The latest sells a product called Straplesse. The Straplesse device is pretty much a copy of the Strap Perfect, which hides bra straps while also improving posture and lifting the cleavage.

To demonstrate this advantage the Straplesse commercial makes an interesting use of the “morphing” video effect:

There is also a Spanish version of the Straplesse commercial:

That’s quite a departure from still “before-and-after” pictures. Kind of reminds me of the effect in a werewolf movie where the human transforms into a wolf. If only the Straplesse could produce that shape-shifting effect in real life then it would be a certain bestseller.

The other notable thing about the ad is the woman with the European accent who chants “1-2-3 Straplesse! 1-2-3 Straplesse!” at the beginning and end. It sounds like some crappy club music you might hear at some third-rate disco in Bucharest.

The Straplesse commercial jingle may be the most annoying ever…but I can’t get it out of my head!!

1-2-3 Straplesse! 1-2-3 Straplesee! 1…2…3 Strap-LESSE!


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  • Not only that… but the woman at the beginning also sounds exactly like Arianna Huffington…

    Comment by Monica Hamburg on March 17, 2010 at 9:34 am