Forever Lazy Taps Into the Growing Infantilism Fetish

The mega-success of the Snuggie blanket with sleeves in 2008-2009 tempted others to cash in with infomercials selling some variation of a wearable blanket. All of these Snuggie rip-offs went bust except for one: Forever Lazy

The Forever Lazy is basically an adult version of the “onesie” pajamas for babies. I never imagined that the fetish of adults dressing as infants for erotic pleasure had grown so popular that it could be the basis for a successful nationwide product.

Like the Snuggie infomercial, this commercial encourages people to wear the Forever Lazy in public and at sporting events in particular. Clearly, many masochistic men had worn Snuggies to football games and were disappointed when they received no beatings. Now the Forever Lazy will ensure the person who wears it of getting pummeled to a bloody pulp by drunken sports fans.

At least the Forever Lazy makes no pretense at being fashionable or stylish, unlike the absurd Cozy Caftan.

The Forever Lazy features “zippered hatches” for wearers to relieve themselves without getting naked first. This is a big mistake from a marketing perspective. Forever Lazy should instead have offered adult diapers as a free bonus to give customers the complete newborn experience.

Watch this news report about the creators of Forever Lazy. The fact that these two grown men run Forever Lazy out of their parents’ basement has to be the least surprising bit of info imaginable.


  • 2 Responses to “Forever Lazy Taps Into the Growing Infantilism Fetish”

  • Love the part that says Forever Lazy is perfect for when “you’re raiding the fridge during the commercial break.”

    How many times have I strained to reach a soda can in the back of the refrigerator and wished I were wearing a one-piece fleece pajama!

    Comment by euGene on October 11, 2011 at 2:35 pm

  • I see that even if you buy this, you still have to turn pages with your bare hands. Not lazy enough for my tastes.

    Comment by Julie on October 13, 2011 at 11:26 am