Baby Bullet Video: The Drunk Grandma at the Baby Shower

No doubt about it: The Magic Bullet infomercial series loves its obnoxious old ladies! The Original Magic Bullet and the Magic Bullet To Go infomercials gave us lewd, chain-smoking Hazel. The Bullet Express infomercial gave us both the critical Aunt Martha and the even more vicious Granny. Now the Baby Bullet infomercial includes among the baby shower guests Grandma, whose main interest in life seems to be consuming as much alcohol as possible.

Here is a video featuring all of Grandma’s speaking parts in the Baby Bullet infomercial:

Grandma’s lines are few:

“Nice package!”

“All right! Magic Bullet margaritas!”

“Are we doing shots?”

…but they are among the most memorable in the entire Magic Bullet infomercial franchise.

Maybe in the sequel we will get to see what kind of horror “an overnighter at Grandma’s house” looks like.


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  • I’m hoping she will be the host for the next Magic Bullet product. I’d love to see the crowd she would bring.

    Comment by Jennifer on May 4, 2011 at 1:07 pm