Download the Complete Baby Bullet Script for Public Performance!

Watching the Baby Bullet infomercial on TV is fine, but wouldn’t you love to be in the audience (or on the stage) during a live performance of it?

The help encourage theater and dramatic troupes to stage performances and dramatic readings of the Baby Bullet infomercial, we have transcribed the infomercial into screenplay format. This joins our previous efforts to transcribe the scripts for the Magic Bullet, Magic Bullet To Go, and Bullet Express infomercials.

Download it here:

This script contains everything you need to recreate the entire Baby Bullet baby shower scenes, including:

  • Apoplectic shriekings of the woman who says, “Oh my gosh! That has a face on it! That is so cute!”
  • Grandma’s drunken rants.
  • Al’s wife verbally castrating him before a gaggle of women.
  • All of Lindsay’s exasperated replies to her mother’s bitchy comments!


  • 1 Response to “Download the Complete Baby Bullet Script for Public Performance!”

  • I can think of an X (or XXX, as the case may be)-rated version of this, which would be pretty funny.

    Comment by znkp on April 30, 2011 at 9:33 pm