Best of Al, the Hen-Pecked Hubby from the Baby Bullet Infomercial

Among the guests at the baby shower in the Baby Bullet infomercial is one who is conspicuous for being the only male in attendance. His name is Al, and he is clearly none-too-happy at being dragged to this event by his wife.

We have put together a video which highlight the best of Al’s moments on the Baby Bullet infomercial:

The character that Al is most reminiscent of from the Magic Bullet infomercials is Barney in the Magic Bullet to Go. But whereas Barney always seems to be beaten down (much like Toby Flenderson from The Office), Al’s expressions swing from resigned desperation into murderous rage toward his wife. Also notice Al’s reaction to his wife’s absolutely cringe-inducing line, “In our house sweet potato is our BFF: Baby’s Favorite Food.”


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