Prank Gift Boxes Spoof Infomercial Products

Here is a very interesting novelty idea for this year’s holiday season. These gag gift boxes make it look like you are giving that special someone an absurd infomercial-style product. But the product on the box isn’t real at all! Once the gift recipient opens the box to find out what you really gave, he or she will be relieved and appreciate your present all the more.

These fake infomercial products are actually pretty funny—much funnier in fact than the myriad infomercial parodies wasting space on YouTube.

Family Blankeez

Considering the endless parade of Snuggie spin-offs and rip-offs, the Family Blankeez, an 8-person blanket with sleeves, might actually make the transition from joke to reality any day now.


If pet owners are lazy enough to allow their dogs to piss in their house with Potty Patch, then maybe they’re also in the market for a machine that will pet their dogs and cats for them as well!


If people are shelling out money for their pet to lie in the luxury of a memory foam dog bed, then is it too much of a stretch to think people would want Fido and Fluffy to enjoy their favorite iPod tunes as they chow down?

Wake and Bake Dream Griddle

I can hear the announcer’s voiceover on the infomercial now: “You love having breakfast in bed but hate getting up to make it. Now with the Wake and Bake Dream Griddle, you don’t have to!”

Kleen Stride

Since they already have a combo slippers/night light product, a shoe/broom combo is the next logical step.


This visor organizer product may be a “gag” gift, but it is actually far less absurd than the Secret Keeper and RackTrap!

Bacon Tuxedo

Okay, this one is just plain weird!

The great thing about all of these joke gift boxes is how well they manage to straddle the line between absurdity and believability (the Bacon Tuxedo notwithstanding).

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