In Living Color Parody of Classic Infomercials

I remember seeing this sketch when it first aired on In Living Color. It’s called “The First Annual Infomercial Awards Show” and long time infomercial fans will recognize many of the classic early 1990s infomercial personalities being spoofed directly or indirectly.

This awards show is hosted by Jay Kordich (played by Jim Carrey). I guess that the co-host played by David Allen Greer is supposed to be a take off on Mike Levy of “Amazing Discoveries” because of the colorful sweater, but they had to change the name because Greer is black and Mike Levy was one of the whitest men of all time.

Other infomercial stars mentioned here include Tom Vu (billed as “Tommy Woo”), Anthony Robbins (again played by Carrey), Lori Davis, Susan Powter, and someone named J. Kindey (?) whom I don’t remember at all.

Check it out:

Update: Very soon after I made this post, YouTube removed the video, but you might want to watch this In Living Color infomercial parody instead. But click the link quick before they remove that too!


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