BrightFeet Combines Slippers and Night Lights to Create One Craptacular Product

Reader Thomas lets us know about the latest innovative infomercial product:

“I’ve seen an infomercial for a new product called the BrightFeet Lighted Slippers, a pair of fuzzy unisex slippers that have LED lights built into them.”

“Of course, when I saw the infomercial, it immediately brought these to mind, making BrightFeet slippers a perfect example of life imitating art: ”

Thank you for that, Thomas.

Bright Feet combines two very normal products (slippers and night lights) yet the resulting product turns out to be much more buffoonish than anyone would have imagined

Now the grandkids can wear those sneakers with “cool” flashing lights in the heels at the same time the grandma and grandpa shuffle around in their lighted BrightFeet slippers.

The part at 1:33 when the overpriced “old-fashioned slippers” literally get booed is something I have never seen before on an infomercial. I wonder if booing competitive products will start becoming coming as commonplace on TV infomercials as black-and-white video of people struggling to do things the “old fashioned way” is today.

Like the Snuggie, BrightFeet can’t resist promoting the unlikely scenario of people using the product in public (to walk the dog in this case). Actually, BrightFeet would make a better bonus product for the Snuggie than that stupid book light.


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  • I, uh, actually think this is pretty awesome. I might buy some.

    Comment by John H on December 10, 2010 at 4:00 pm