Funny Klee Irwin Music Video

Ridiculous Infomercial Review reader Dan told us about a very funny video he found online. This is a music video starring the one and only Klee Irwin, host of the Dual Action Cleanse infomercial.

This humorous music video was created from clips of the Dual Action Cleanse infomercial as well as Klee’s recent infomercial for a blood sugar/diabetes product.

I usually find re-edited “funny” videos online to be lame and unamusing, but I think this one really is pretty good.

The credits on this music video read:

Klee Irwin featuring Gary
The Bowel Album
The Bowel Rap
NU KLEE IR(win) records
feldman inc.

I think the “NU KLEE IR(win) records” bit is quite clever.

Anyway here it is:

Perhaps my favorite part is just Klee’s dialog from his blood sugar/diabetes infomercial:

Dude, I’m actually feeling kind of tired and it’s late. Why don’t we go back to my apartment and just flop on the couch. Hey, maybe we can watch Frisbee on TV. Maybe ESPN’s got it playing.

Frisbee on TV? Dude, I got to record that infomercial!


  • 12 Responses to “Funny Klee Irwin Music Video”

  • there are several klee irwin spoofs, but most suck. This one is awesome. I am so glad i found it.

    Comment by dan on March 29, 2007 at 8:32 am

  • It seems that some people have a hard time playing videos on google video, so i put the klee irwin music video on youtube and dailymotion.

    Comment by dan on June 3, 2007 at 2:01 pm

  • Yikes! That Google Video version really got screwed up. I wonder what happened.

    I’ve replaced the embedded video on this post with the one from YouTube. Thanks for uploading those videos, Dan! With your diligent work, Klee Irwin’s legacy of bowel movement talk will be preserved for generations to come!

    If anyone wants to watch the messed up version on Google Video go here:

    Comment by Paul Lucas on June 3, 2007 at 3:29 pm

  • Does this guy look like John Waters’ little brother or what?

    Comment by Scott Mercer on July 4, 2007 at 1:35 am

  • The Guy has made $1 mill + on making people Poo

    Comment by Ok Prime on July 31, 2007 at 10:29 am

  • A huge amount of Dual Action Cleanse “malicious calls” at and a lot more to be added. Loads of fun for those “Klee Fans” lol.

    Comment by Steve on August 15, 2007 at 9:32 pm

  • by making people feel like they did when they were 2 years old

    Comment by frankie on October 27, 2007 at 8:20 am

  • Great video! Klee looks like a cross between John Waters and Jimmy Smits.

    Comment by Tyler on November 28, 2007 at 10:02 pm

  • Yea you gotta love how Klee says “Maybe we can watch frisbee on TV, maybe ESPN has it playing” LOL is Klee Irwin that out of touch with current sports!?! uh….who has honestly ever seen frisbee on TV?

    Comment by Tyler on December 2, 2007 at 1:56 pm

  • Kleeis full of Dual Cleanse output!

    Comment by Steve on February 5, 2009 at 6:11 am

  • Check out my hilarious YouTube song/video “$19.99 DEALS” on all those infomercials where the price is always $19.99!

    Here’s the link:

    Comment by David Alpaugh on June 23, 2010 at 11:55 pm

  • I use to work for Klee when I was more laddish. Great marketeer, snake oil salesmen. He’s hardwired that way, everything is negotiable and malleable. whatever you say about the guy, he loves his S series Mercedes and has a gorgeous (spanish?) wife and kids he keeps secluded away in marina del rey. He is hungry for success and wants to keep living the good life any which way to sunday.

    Comment by awakeinwa on August 6, 2010 at 1:16 am