Review of the New Klee Irwin Dual Action Cleanse Infomercial Now Online

I’ve posted a full review of the latest infomercial for Dual Action Cleanse colon cleanser. This is the first time I have ever written full reviews for different versions of infomercials selling the same product, but what can I say: Klee Irwin is worth it.

Some highlights:

* Klee says that “celebrities” and “politicians” use Dual Action Cleanse, but he never names any of these celebrities and politicians.
* Host Dr. James Chappell reveals when the golden age of health really occured and tells a story about a man who lived 152 years because of his clean colon.
* Klee Irwin talks trash about his rival Danny Vierra of The Almighty Cleanse for using the Bible to create a colon cleanse formula.
* Klee delights us all with a picture of exactly what comes out of you after a “cleanse.”

I’ll try to find some video clips from the infomercial and include it on the page.

Check it out: Dual Action Cleanse 2 with Klee Irwin

(If you still haven’t read my review of the original infomercial, read it at Dual Action Cleanse and watch video clips.)


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