Is AJ Khubani Trying to Become the Next Billy Mays?

AJ Khubani is President and CEO of infomercial marketing giant Telebrands, responsible for bringing the world such products as PedEgg and Bark Off. If you’ve watched the reality TV show Pitchmen, you will probably recognize AJ Khubani as the man to whom Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan would most often pitch their latest product in hopes of getting that all important funding.

Mr. Khubani quite often gives TV interviews and makes occasional appearances on The View giving demos of Telebrands’ latest products. (And it is actually The View, not some lame infomercial knock-off.) Here he is recently showing off Shake Weight, Neckline Slimmer, Bare Lifts, and Crazy Critters:

Now it seems as if AJ Khubani seeks to make the transition from behind-the-scenes mastermind to on-air infomercial pitchman. Here is Mr. Khubani on the commercial for a product called Table Go Round. (By the way, TableGoRound, a round table cloth, will almost certainly win the award for most boring product sold on an infomercial in 2010.)As you can see from that performance, AJ Khubani is clearly not the next Billy Mays (in fact he’s not even the next Joe Fowler!). AJ would be better off sticking with his corporate executive gig.

Perhaps AJ Khubani might not so much be seeking to be the next Billy Mays as to be the next Donald Trump.


  • 2 Responses to “Is AJ Khubani Trying to Become the Next Billy Mays?”

  • AJ Khubani can’t replace Billy Mays, but no one can, really. He’s not great, but it’s not like he’s outstandingly bad either. The one thing I noticed was that he hasn’t quite figured out what to do with his hands. He needs time, but he’ll get better, or at least decent.

    Comment by Thomas on June 30, 2010 at 9:51 pm

  • Paul, why do i get the feeling your wife left you and you live in a studio apartment?

    Comment by ZACATACK on February 7, 2012 at 12:35 am