Kevin Trudeau Uses His Magic Genie to Avoid Jail

Keving Trudeau holds Your Wish Is Your CommandAn appeals court has thrown out the 30-day jail sentence Kevin Trudeau faced for contempt of court. These news stories give details:

Reuters: No jail, contempt for TV pitchman Trudeau

AP: Infomercial Pitchman Avoids Jail

Chicago Sun-Times: Kevin Trudeau off the hook for contempt citation

Kevin Trudeau is involved in an ongoing legal battle over claims he made about his book The Weight Loss Cure “They” Don’t Want You to Know About. One day Kevin Trudeau asked the listeners of his radio show to email Judge Robert Gettleman about the case, prompting the judge to issue a contempt of court ruling and a 30-day jail sentence. Now an appeals court has vacated the contempt ruling, although the original issue of his sentence for fraud will continue.

No doubt Kevin Trudeau and his acolytes will cite this development as proof that the “magic genie” unleashed by his Your Wish Is Your Command CDs really works! (Or maybe his colleagues in the Global Information Network just pulled some strings with their peeps in the Illuminati.)


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  • That infomercial for Your Wish is Your Command was SO FUNNY!!!!! Yet, sadly, there will be total suckers who will actually buy that crap.

    Comment by putbrainingear on May 23, 2010 at 10:59 am