Tommy Vu at the World Series of Poker

If you are one of those people still asking “What ever happened to Tom Vu?” here are some video clips that should clear things up.

Former real estate infomercial guru Tommy Vu entered this year’s World Series of Poker Texas Hold’em Event. And lucky for us, ESPN aired several poker hands where Vu got to mix it up.

You’ll notice that the announcers make many references to Tom Vu’s days as an infomercial host:

“When Tommy plays poker, he just looks like he should be surrounded by beautiful women.”

“Tommy’s happy—it’s better than babes on boats”

“Three little words that Tommy Vu would like to say: ‘Make my flush.’”

Here Tom Vu goes up against 2005 WSOP champ Michael Gracz:

Here Vu’s starting hand of QT is an underdog against Robert Aron’s AQ:

Here Tommy goes all in with an AQ of diamonds:

In the final hand of the WSOP Hold’em Event #8 Tommy Vu faced off against Michael Chu:

So it looks like our infomercial hero fell in the end, but he still came in second place with a prize of $364,761. If you take a look at the results for WSOP Event #8 you will see that not only did Tom Vu best Michael Gracz but he also placed higher than such great poker players as Antonio Esfandiari, Jeff Shulman, and Amir Vahedi.

I hope these video clips stop all those stupid “Tom Vu is serving a life sentence in federal prison” comments.


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