New Tom Vu Infomercial Video

I found a new video clip of the Tom Vu infomercial. It’s from a version of the Tom Vu infomercial that aired just after the version that I review on my site.

The person who uploaded the video did add some editing to the original infomercial. Still it’s great to have any extra video of the Tom Vu infomercial.

You can see that in this version of the infomercial Tom is even less shy about brandishing his half-naked chicks. And while in the earlier version of the infomercial Vu was laid back, here he is quite agressive, telling viewers that if they don’t come to his seminar they “deserve to be broke.” The testimonials here are wonderfully strange with Tom Vu suddenly sidling up beside people as they talk about their real estate riches.

Check it out:

By the way, my Tom Vu infomercial review also contains two video clips from the Tom Vu infomercial near the bottom of the page.


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  • It’s too bad that the person who uploaded this Tom Vu video to YouTube decided to “improve” it by adding “funny” editing. How tragic! The Tom Vu infomercial does not need any embellishment; it is hilarious enough all on its own.

    Comment by bookendz on December 27, 2006 at 12:14 pm

  • After watching this video and reading the above comments about the person who made this video, I agree it’s sad. My own personal thoughts are that the person who created this travisty and placed on the net, should be PLACED IN THE EYE OF THE PUBLIC and shamed with all the gusto of the best tabloids that can be found! A person or group of people who do this sort of thing from behind the scenes are mere gutless cowards! These sort of people are a great part of what’s wrong with society today! It’s obvious that who ever was responsible for this video doesn’t have the brains God gave turkey, who is by the way one of the dumbest creatures on the face of the earth!

    Can Anyone Come Up With Any Factual Evidence Of Wrong Doing?
    Not mere rumors or tales!

    I’ve know the man for years and I’ve never seen him do anything wrong to anyone I know, or introduced him to!
    There’s only one time we ever had a falling out, and it was over a belief on spiritual matters!

    Unlike you people I do not mind standing up for him, just as I would do for you, if I happened onto a website like this one, where people like you were tearing one of you down.
    That’s what friends are for!
    I know, it’s an uncommon thought, and old school in today’s world!

    Go look in the mirror and talk to God, or whatever or whoever you believe in; try to convince them that you do not have any faults or skeletons in your closet; and you’ve never made any mistakes! Try starting there before joining in the frenzy here!
    I do not care what information it is!
    Any factual information from the government that can be documented!!!!!

    Any at all and I’m willing to listen, or read it. I’m one who would be able to find out how factual it is, so do not just make up something convenient! Should this happen after whatever any of you can come up with and I check it out; if it’s not factual by preponderance of the truth, I and other agencies will be contacting you on falsification, fabrication and fraud charges!

    So again, if you have anything “FACTUAL” I’m willing to listen, read what you have, and check it out!

    Does anyone have any valid proof that this man is a fraud? Has Tommy Voo (Vu) left anyone you know holding the bag for money and not come through for them?

    Do not go along for the ride and live on the hype of other people! If you do not have any valid, practical evidence of wrong doing then all of you here are not any better than anyone else who spreads rumors!
    Try thinking about how people have spread rumors about you in your life, and how you felt about it, when they did not come to you and get the truth first!

    Try standing on your own 2 feet, look the man in the eye, walk in his shoes where he came from and not where you were born in a war free country, suckling off your family or friends! Look at yourself in the mirror, look deep in your eyes and know that everyday you’re going out to be an individual, to make a difference in the betterment, or at least try to help the people you meet, not just yourself!

    I know that in all places like this one there are those of you who will be offended by the truth as I see it. To Bad – So Sad! None of us can make everyone happy no matter how hard we try. Stop pissing and moaning and go make a difference!

    I welcome your responses or (hate mail which comes from small minded individuals), and when I have the chance I will write! You never know, we might even find common ground!
    Just remember; everyday you can wake up and do something positive for yourself and someone else, it’s a good day!

    Comment by Daryl on April 27, 2007 at 2:23 pm

  • Daryl,

    I think you might want to make an appointment with a licensed psychiatrist and discuss whether psychotropic medications might be helpful in your situation.

    There may be issues in your life that go beyond Tom Vu and his infomercial

    Comment by Paul Lucas on April 28, 2007 at 3:24 pm

  • I really enjoy that Pasquale the Pizza Man guy in there driving the car…

    See, I didn’t make fun of Tom Vu. I made fun of one of the other people in the infomercial.

    Comment by Scott Mercer on July 4, 2007 at 2:15 am

  • I don’t know Tom Vu, and can barely remember seeing his infomercials. But I give him credit for working through the Vietnam tragedy, struggling through prejudice and setbacks, and achieving success in our country.

    Your trashing of his life story is reprehensible and cowardly. Yes, cowardly. Did you despise Vietnamese people during the war? Do you still look down on them? Are you resentful of their success?

    Your negative comments are full of bigotry, racial prejudice and donwright jealousy. I would go so far as to say that you are actualy resentful that he succeeded in America while YOU remain a loser! What he says about losers you don’t like, because it hits you where it hurts.

    Whatever his sales style is, Tom Vu doesn’t deserve YOUR white trash attitudes and treatment of this decent man.

    Comment by Charles Bordner on May 31, 2008 at 12:30 pm

  • Lighten up, you humorless dimwit!

    It is beyond me how anyone can read what I’ve written and conclude I “despise Vietnamese people.”

    I do not despise Tom Vu at all. I do, however, despite politically correct idiots like you!

    (By the way, I’ve removed your link, just in case you really know better and are just a troll posting for link bait.)

    Comment by Paul Lucas on May 31, 2008 at 2:45 pm