This Annoying Avacor Radio Ad is on All the Damn Time!

AvacorThe ad for Avacor has been annoying me for months now. No, not the TV infomercial for Avacor, but the radio spot for Avacor.

If you listen to AM radio at all, you’ve no doubt heard many, many commercials for Avacor. Avacor is a formula that is supposed to regrow the hair on bald heads. Several different ads for Avacor are currently airing on the radio, but the one that annoys me is the one that contrasts the “cynic” and the “believer:”

The cynic says, “I started losing my hair and there was nothing I could do. I wore a baseball cap because I was self-conscious.” The believer says, “I stared using Avacor two months ago and already I’m re-growing my own hair. My bald spot is going. No caps for me!” Are you a cynic?

Click here to listen to this Avacor radio ad for yourself.

This ad is so dumb on so many levels, but perhaps the stupidest thing is how they are too cheap to pay for different actors so they just have the same announcer do lame voices for both the “cynic” and the “believer.”

I think the announcer’s inspiration for his performance as the cynic was Berman from the Magic Bullet infomercial:

And I think his inspiration for the believer was Kramer from Seinfeld when he pretended to be the Moviefone guy:


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