IsoTest Helps the Mafia “Fuggedaboud” E.D.

The life of a mobster has its share of problems. A Mafioso has to figure out the cleanest way to dispose of the fresh corpse of “Too Fat” Vinny…decide how to send a message to that shopkeeper who won’t pay up…find which member of his crew is really the rat snitch…all while not getting whacked by a rival crime family.

In the midst of this busy schedule, there is one problem a wiseguy just doesn’t have time for: Erectile dysfunction.

Now the made man with E.D. can “fuggedaboudit” with IsoTest, the testosterone booster preferred by members of La Cosa Nostra:

I appreciated the part when the narrator’s mention of “loss of confidence” gets dismissed with the comment, “Loss of confidence? Give me a break!” If you’ve seen other male enhancement infomercials, such as ExtenZe and Alzare, you know they often feature women running their mouths at length about how important “confidence” is in a man. But every man who buys one of these products has one and only one result in mind—and it ain’t an increase in confidence!

Careful viewers of infomercials will recognize the woman in this scene:

This round-faced blonde has appeared in ads for the Egg Genie, Tater Mitts, Clever Clasp, and many other infomercials where she gives off the aura of a Midwestern suburban soccer mom. The last place I expected to see her is in a male enhancement ad, shaking her head in disappointment at some dude who can’t get it up.

There is also a radio spot for the Iso Test testosterone supplement:

I have to admit that I was completely baffled the first time I heard this. Is ShineBox™ the brand name of some sort of painful male enhancement contraption?

After doing some research, I discovered that the actor who appears in the IsoTest commercials is Frank Vincent, a veteran of gangster movies such as Casino and The Sopranos. Vincent’s most famous role is that of “Billy Batts” in the movie GoodFellas, and that character’s famous line is, “Get your shinebox.”

The producers of this radio commercial vastly overestimate the public’s familiarity with the minutiae of the movie GoodFellas.

The television commercial for Iso Test ends with a twentysomething blonde whispering into Billy Batts’ ear, followed by the two leaving the bar arm in arm. The message sent by this is clear: IsoTest helps men get the most out of the money they spend on hookers.

Update: The original Isotest videos were removed from YouTube, but I found this edited version of the ad:


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  • Have you seen the Pos-T-Vac ad yet? It’s an ED device, but the testimonials are… well… you should see for yourself.

    Comment by Julie on February 19, 2012 at 3:56 pm