Liquid Generation Names the 10 Worst Infomercials Ever

I guess there’s some kind of boom in websites making lists of top infomercials. Recently we had the AskMen list of top 10 greatest infomercials. Now Liquid Generation has created a video with clips of the worst 10 infomercials ever. (From my perspective, of course, there really is no difference between the best and worst infomercials.)

Here is the Liquid Generation list:

1. Tiddy Bear
2. Hawaii Chair
3. ? (Brazilian baldness powder)
4. Three Zero Edge (?)
5. Mr. Microphone
6. Nads
7. Ronco Smokeless Ashtray
8. Slender Shaper
9. ExtenZe
10. Tony Little Gazelle

Click here to see the Liquid Generation video for yourself.

The problem with both lists is that they are not really lists of the best/worst infomercials of all time—they’re more like lists of “interesting infomercials for which we could easily find online video.”

I appreciated seeing the Liquid Generation video because three of the commercials/infomercials were new to me (Slender Shaper, Three Zero Edge, and the Brazilian baldness powder).

The people who compiled the Liquid Generation list obviously relied on this page, because two of the videos are Ronco commercials from the 1970s.

You really got to love that Mr. Microphone commercial, though; when some guy at a swinging 70s bash says “Hey this Christmas party’s getting a little too quiet. I think it’s time we liven it up” you really expect him to pull out a doobie or vial of cocaine—not some cheesy Ronco product!


  • 3 Responses to “Liquid Generation Names the 10 Worst Infomercials Ever”

  • why is klee irwin not on this list either?????

    Comment by dan on April 22, 2008 at 7:41 am

  • “hey good lookin’, be back to pick you up later!”

    That Mr Microphone commercial has stayed in the part of my brain for 30 years that I could have used for something else like remembering anniversaries or curing cancer or something. But NO, I’ve got Mr Microphone and the “Hot Fudge” theme song wedged in there forever.

    Comment by rrpostal on April 24, 2008 at 1:51 am

  • I hate those colon cleanse choads….. they need to eat shit (literally)…

    Comment by Pleffings,Eh? on April 27, 2008 at 11:05 am