Thanks, Obama! Spaztastic Infomercial Moments Inspire New Internet Meme

You know those moments at the beginning of an infomercial in which at person is shown (usually in black-and-white) hopelessly failing at some simple task? Usually these scenes are accompanied by the sound of an overly dramatic narrator saying something like “Oh no!”, “Not again!”, or some other expression of woe.

These precious infomercial moments have inspired a new Internet meme called “Thanks, Obama!” which plays on the tendency of people to give credit and (more importantly) blame to the President of the United States for everything that might happen in life. Check them out:

(That last one is from the Big Kid Secure Drive infomercial.)

See even more of these Thanks Obama moments for yourself at

An “Oh No, Not Again!” thanks to longtime reader Al Frank for letting us know about the “Thanks, Obama!” phenomenon.


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