Snap-A-Loop: Were They Drunk?

Go down to your neighborhood bar and you will likely find an intoxicated gentleman providing a spirited discourse on various and sundry topics. At some point, he will invariably tell everyone in earshot about a brilliant idea he has come up with. All of his equally inebriated buddies will affirm that his idea is indeed a worthwhile one and that it should be put into practice forthwith.

When the drunk man sobers up the next day he usually forgets all about his idea. If he does remember his idea, it seems a lot less practical in the light of sobriety, and he never mentions it again. In a few cases, however, he still finds his idea to be compelling and resolves to implement it. If the man is diligent and persuasive enough, he may even live to see his idea, conceived in drunkenness, turned into a reality.

This is how nighttime road work became public policy. It is also the most likely explanation for the Snap-A-Loop cell phone and tablet computer holder ring:

In all fairness, my description of the origins of the invention of Snap-A-Loop might not be entirely accurate.

They may have been smoking weed.


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  • Is this better or worse than the product that straps a phone (or laptop) onto your head? I can’t decide.

    Comment by Julie on July 1, 2012 at 6:03 pm