Strike Trainer: Mercilessly Beat a Piece of Styrofoam

In the never ending war to get fit, consumers spend lots of money on fitness club memberships, home gyms, and personal trainers. But this whole time the path to a better body could have been achieved by simply punching and kicking an oversized piece of styrofoam:

Yes, Strike Trainer is a piece of foam with a suction cup attached. Strike Trainer is vaguely shaped like a person’s upper body, but you will need to imagine this “person” sticking out of the wall at a right angle, which is just strange.

Also strange is the shape of the Strike Trainer:

Whoever this person is supposed to be has a pageboy haircut, a style usually worn by women. This will not encourage most people to punish this thing with a good punch or kick (although it would be ideal for OJ Simpson’s prison cell workouts). But maybe you are supposed to be imagining hand-to-hand combat with Prince Valiant or He-Man:

Prince Valiant


The Strike Trainer comes to us from fitness expert John Abdo, better known to infomercial fans as the creator of the Ab-Doer Twist. Strike Trainer’s motto is “Just hit to get fit,” and it comes with an instructional DVD, just in case you can’t figure out how to hit a piece of foam.

As brilliant as the idea behind Strike Trainer is, you will probably get more motivation by adding a suction cup to a “We’re #1” giant foam hand of your most hated sports team.

A non-biodegradable thank you to reader M.J. for letting us know about Strike Trainer


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  • The best part is that it’s “doctor” recommended for weight loss!

    Comment by M.J. on July 12, 2012 at 4:47 pm