Popabrella Really Believes Your Camera Needs Its Own Umbrella

As I said in my Recip-Ease post, I really think that infomercial marketers are just running out of ideas. The latest example of this is Popabrella, which is an umbrella specially designed for cameras:

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Bright sunlight may be the bane of many who have tried to take a photo outdoors. And the Popabrella infomercial earnestly wants to make us believe that just using a hand, hat, or clothing to block the sunlight is tremendously burdensome. Yet somehow attaching an umbrella which is bigger than the camera itself is “easy” and more convenient.

But, the Popabrella infomercial reminds us, bright sunlight isn’t the only challenge faced by the outdoor photographer. “Even under a downpour your camera is protected,” they assure us. We all know that the worst thing about a Category 5 hurricane is that it prevents you from taking snapshots of your family in the flower garden. With Popabrella, you can at long last spend the entire monsoon season snapping photo after photo in the great outdoors.

Popabrella does seem like a great product, but the application shown on the infomercial is all wrong. Instead of positioning it as some sort of camera accessory, Popabrella should be sold as a giant cocktail umbrella for those massive Mai Tais and mega-sized Margaritas! Maybe it could be offered as a free bonus with every purchase of The Party Bullet.


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  • I think that guy in the Popabrella infomercial is “special”

    Comment by euGene on May 16, 2012 at 7:20 pm