Jack LaLanne Dies at 96

Fitness guru and infomercial celebrity Jack LaLanne has died at age 96. I found out about LaLanne’s death from comments on the video I posted of him on YouTube a few years back. Read the full story here.

Jack LaLanne’s infomercial for his Power Juicer (which also features his wife, Elaine) is still being broadcast frequently. Here is a video clip from the end of that infomercial featuring Jack LaLanne singing his signature farewell song, which seems especially poignant now.



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  • I first heard about his passing on; they say it was respiratory failure due to pneumonia. His agent claimed he was still exercising up until he died.

    I wonder how long they’re going to continue running his infomercials as they are. I mean, are they going to make new ones with new hosts, or will they continue to air the ones he did himself, but tag out with a mini-tribute or dedication?

    Comment by Thomas on January 24, 2011 at 1:33 am