IntelliEAR Makes an Even Goofier Sound Amplifier Commercial

There are lots of infomercials for “personal sound amplifier” products on the air. (By the way, the definition of a “personal sound amplifier” is “cheap hearing aid.”) This crowded genre of infomercial includes Listen Up, Loud N Clear, Silver Sonic XL, Lee Majors Bionic Hearing Aid, and Sonic Earz.

Although a personal sound amplifier is a pretty boring product, for some reason many of these TV commercials are strange and goofy. These hearing aid commercials have presented us with:

  • Perverted men eavesdropping on hot women at the gym and at a party
  • Hot women in bikinis lusting after another hot woman in a bikini at the beach.
  • Paranoid home owners snooping on neighbors.
  • A shrill old wife nagging her husband.

You might think that with such a crowded market there wouldn’t be room for yet another sound amplifier device. And you would think that its infomercial wouldn’t be able to match the goofiness of its predecessors. But the commercial for the IntelliEAR defies our expectations:

That woman at the beginning who storms in on her husband shrieking, “Would you please turn down the TV!” manages to be an even more psychotic shrew than the woman who bitches at her hubby in the Listen Up ad.

The signature of the IntelliEAR infomercial is the sudden materialization of the device on a person’s ear, accompanied by a ding, a British voice saying “IntelliEAR,” and a ditzy expression on the face of the recipient. (If some gadget suddenly and mysteriously attached itself to your ear, I don’t think a pleasant smile would be your reaction.)

But IntelliEAR must be a really good product. The hunter not only hears far-away sound but also detects the exact species of animal scurrying in the forest by sound alone.

The acting in the IntelliEAR infomercial is so awful that one wonders if the producers were intentionally trying to make a dumb ad in a pathetic attempt to turn this thing into a viral video.


  • 8 Responses to “IntelliEAR Makes an Even Goofier Sound Amplifier Commercial”

  • Sad that the IntelliEAR commercial was actress Wendy Richards last role before her untimely death.

    Comment by euGene on January 30, 2010 at 10:01 am

  • Wow, just when I thought there wasn’t going to be anymore cheap buy on TV hearing aids for a while XD

    I hope they make a longer version of this commercial XD

    Comment by Yami on February 1, 2010 at 12:39 pm

  • Oh so awesome. IntelliEAR: Hunting with your partially deaf son has never been more enjoyable.

    I also appreciate that the android in warehouse will be next in line for a promotion! Go replicants!

    Comment by Monica Hamburg on February 1, 2010 at 10:28 pm

  • Hey- now that you mention the Egg Genie, you HAVE to mention the equally pointless Egg Cracker. The grimace on that woman’s face after she takes a bite of the “egg shell” muffin is just hysterical.

    Comment by Bob on February 1, 2010 at 10:41 pm

  • Are you sure that’s Wendy Richards, euGene? If it really is, I’m horrified.

    Comment by Sara on February 2, 2010 at 2:19 pm

  • The British accent is key here, I think. It’s paramount to portray the sheer quality of this fine device. It’s a good thing they included it.

    Comment by Nils Barton on February 2, 2010 at 9:45 pm

  • Okay, so the young hunter has his Intelli-ear set high enough to discern that a far-away rustling is a rabbit. Shouldn’t it burst his eardrum clean through when he shoots his rifle?

    Comment by Al Frank on February 3, 2010 at 12:04 am

  • These guys must have read the Indian epic, Ramayana, where a king could shoot his arrows at a distanc/aim/object just by hearing the sound it makes. He was a great hunter, needless to add.

    (Of course, once he shot and killed a poor guy, when he heard the sound of him filling up his jar with water from a stream, mistaking it for the sound of animals drinking water. But that is another story).

    So maybe the rabbit is not a rabbit after all.

    I rest my case.

    (See how a lot of free time at hand can fry a person’s brain…that is me.)

    Comment by znkp on February 8, 2010 at 3:59 pm