Horndog Donald Trump Gets Bleeped on His Own Infomercial

I wrote earlier about Donald Trump’s performance on his Trump Way to Wealth infomercial. I included audio, but now I’ve got the corresponding video to go with it:

At the risk of repeating my earlier comments, here are my thoughts:

What a horndog! Even during the taping of an infomercial The Donald can’t help but try to lay the groundwork for making a pass at his female infomercial hostess, Anne Howard: “They’re sort of like you: they’re smart; they’re intelligent.”

Trump goes on to inform the world, “In some cases they’re beautiful or good looking.” Huh? What the hell does that have to do with attending a wealth building seminar? I’ve attended real estate investing seminars and I haven’t exactly found them filled with supermodels. I think Trump’s comment is less a reflection of the people you’ll find at his seminar and more of a reflection of his oversexed brain activity at that particular moment.

I think Anne Howard might have realized Trump was letting his sex drive get the better of him and tried to salvage his bizarre comments by saying the event is a great place for “networking.” I have long wondered why someone like Trump, who is supposed to be a billionaire, wastes his time appearing in TV infomercials and showing up at cheesy real estate events. After seeing this video, I suspect that Trump does it mainly to “network” with the “beautiful or good looking”—you know, when he gets bored with Miss Universe contestants.

“Get off your ***!” Clearly the word that was bleeped here was “ass,” which really isn’t that strong of a word. Perhaps they thought it just wasn’t appropriate for an infomercial.


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  • Donald Trump is trying to get some on his own infomercial!

    Comment by aimhire on February 8, 2008 at 12:36 pm