Bizarre Matthew Lesko Videos Online

It seems as if Matthew Lesko—the annoying question mark guy who makes a buck telling people how to wrangle money from the taxpayer—has placed several strange videos online. These can be found on YouTube where they proudly exist alongside such cinematic classics as Bubb Rubb and I Wanna Love You Tender. Lesko plans to include some of these clips in his upcoming infomercial.

So if you’re in a mood to be disturbed, check out the Lesko oddities described below. (I would have embedded Lesko’s videos directly in this post but that selfish bastard has prevented his YouTube videos from being embedded.)

Lesko in Concert

Far and away the most bizarre of these videos is one of Matthew Lesko in concert with some group called the Jerseyband, which is apparently a real band. In this clip the Jerseyband all wear Lesko’s trademark question mark suits. After engaging in some Gene Simmons tongue wagging, Lesko himself appears on stage telling people all the ways they can grab government cash while he tosses copies of his book into the crowd. And Lesko tells us in his blog that this isn’t the only music video for him, “I’m also in the process of filming for a part in the upcoming music video of the popular European rock band, The Ravonettes.” All of which makes me appreciate the fact the MTV doesn’t show music videos anymore.

The Later Show with Matthew Lesko

This video is supposed to be from a late-night talk show called “The Later Show with Matthew Lesko.” The Jerseyband once again appears here, which means they’ve fulfilled every musician’s dream of becoming Matthew Lesko’s house band. This “talk show” is hosted by a Matthew Lesko puppet. Even though this strange puppet speaks with a high-pitched Mickey Mouse voice, the puppet is still much less obnoxious and weird-looking than the real-life Lesko. The real Matthew Lesko appears as a guest on this “show.” The whole point of this clip is supposed to be that you need to pay for Lesko’s book if you want to stuff government money in your pocket and that you can’t trust the countless other sources that give you that exact same information. “The Later Show with Matthew Lesko” sucks as a talk show—but it’s still better than Letterman.

Lesko Does Trump

A nightmarish cross between Matthew Lesko and Donald Trump is unleashed upon the world here. This thing is a parody of The Apprentice with The Lesko playing the role of The Donald, complete with wig and fake eyebrows. Lesko later appears as himself to tell the fired man that he can get a great career using government money. Most of this video consists of the two men sprinting for no apparent reason. Don’t miss the hot-looking nurse who appears toward the end.

How to Suck Blood in America

This is just Matthew Lesko talking about his “How to Succeed in America” program. According to Lesko the way to succeed in America is to hunt down government handouts. How sad.

Lesko’s says he has trained “Iraq war veterans that come home looking to get their lives back together again.” So after dodging IEDs and fighting jihadist insurgents, their reward is to endure “help” from a hyperactive freak wearing punctuation marks.

Lesko is charging “3 payments of $59.95” for this program—that’s $179.85 for those of you without calculators.


  • 3 Responses to “Bizarre Matthew Lesko Videos Online”

  • That video of Lesko in concert is pretty scary.

    I’m sure that many of those stoned and drunk audience members at that club will go right out and use Lesko’s book to find themselves government grants!

    Comment by Scott on August 14, 2006 at 12:48 pm

  • Greetings, Paul.

    Yep…I clearly remember my son, Ed, a member of jerseyband, saying when he was just a little tike, “Dad, I am going to learn to play the saxophone and one day I will be a member of Matthew Lesko’s house band.”

    Putting my arm around him, I replied, “Practice hard, my son. Even kids from Smalltown, USA can make it to the big time. Practice hard and make us proud.”

    And the rest, as they say…is history.

    Comment by E2 on August 25, 2006 at 9:07 am

  • I had no idea these existed until now. I’ll watch them as soon as I’m in the mood to watch some stupidity.

    Comment by BOTR on January 15, 2012 at 10:32 am