Tony Horton’s Unfortunate Outfit

If you’ve seen the ubiquitous infomercial for P90X from Beachbody, you know it is sold as an “extreme” and “intense” workout for men and women who are serious about getting a “ripped” body. The face of P90X is fitness trainer Tony Horton, whose muscular physique is even used on the product packaging:

Tony Horton goads users into testing their limits with hard-hitting statements such as, “This is P90X. It’s about bringing it. It’s about intensity. It’s about finding out who you are” and “Bringin’ it home. Dig down. Go deep. Do a lot.”

In light of all the work that Beachbody marketing department has done to craft a tough image for P90X, they would probably prefer that no one ever sees Tony Horton’s 1996 infomercial for Ab Works from Nordic Track:

The only thing “intense” and “extreme” about the skin-tight purple and aqua shorts and sleeveless half-shirt Tony is wearing is how intensely and extremely embarrassing it is to see him wearing an outfit that matches that of his female co-host. (The wannabe Vanilla Ice haircut doesn’t help either.)


  • 2 Responses to “Tony Horton’s Unfortunate Outfit”

  • Looks more like something Tony Little would wear.

    Comment by euGene on February 26, 2013 at 12:46 pm

  • Tony Horton is still awesome! Obviously he’s been working in the industry along time, and at that time both men and women wore that style. Go Tony!

    Comment by Max on July 12, 2015 at 1:51 pm