Noam the Pitchman Has a Website!

Longtime reader Phil Alexander let us know that “Noam the Pitchman” from the ID Blocker infomercial has his very own website. You will find it at

Among the more interesting pages on Noam’s site is a “Guess the Funny Accent Game” where users can pick among five choices as to the origin of his distinctive way of speaking. (My earlier speculation about Noam being Italian or Israeli were both incorrect.)

There is also a contest page where users are encouraged to submit their own videos that “make fun of Noam.” Their currently featured “winner of the month” is a rather pathetic CGI animation. A “Pitchman Game” encourages people to affix Noam stickers on unusual places and to submit photos of any Noam stickers they may come across. (The stickers are free!)

Available for sale is a Noam ringtone and a Noam T-shirt. A photo gallery features old pictures of Noam doing live pitches.

Apparently someone is pushing really hard for Noam to become the next Billy Mays…or at least the next Vince Offer!


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