Lucky Shoppers Get to Pelt Infomercial Dork with Food

How often have you wanted to throw something at a dofus on a TV infomercial? The producers of the Whip-It infomercial gave a bunch of lucky mall shoppers the chance to hurl food at host Art Edmonds:

Art Edmonds was taking on a much bigger risk than he realized. Who knows what could have happened once a crowd was given permission to throw off their thin covering of civilization? Someone might have gotten the idea to “whip it” out and see if the cleaning product could remove urine stains. Another person might have gotten so whipped up that he would have grabbed a janitor’s mop handle and violated poor Art in a most merciless way.

If the crowd of shoppers would have taken out their years of frustration at the lousy products, inflated shipping costs, deceptive offers, and poor customer service inflicted on them by TV infomercials, this video might have ended up looking more like the capture of Muammar Gaddafi.


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