Igia Air-O-Sage: Is a Soothing Massage Worth Looking Like a Dork?

The Igia Air-O-Sage Back & Shoulder Massager promises a soothing massage…and as an added benefit you get to have a black tortoise shell strapped to your back!

On second thought, the black color is actually more reminiscent of a beetle’s exoskeleton. So now you can pretend to be Gregor Samsa…if Kafka’s protagonist could enjoy a soothing back rub whenever he needed it!

Plus, when your back massage is done you can turn Air-O-Sage around and pretend you are a member of a SWAT team clothed in Kevlar body armor.

Not content to make a weird-looking back massager, Igia also created the Air-O-Sage Leg Massager, which makes it look like you are wearing two light blue leg casts:

Strange as it is, the appearance of the product isn’t the strangest thing about the Air-O-Sage Leg Massager infomercial.

Foremost has to be the voice of spokesperson Linda Burks who sounds like a scary drag queen. (Her square jaw doesn’t help alleviate that impression.) On closer examination, it seems as if the audio of the entire commercial has been slowed down, making everyone’s voice sound somewhat deeper and more dull-witted. It is not clear if the original infomercial had this problem or if something happened to the video that was uploaded to YouTube.

Also interesting is what appears on screen when the woman says, “It’s like dozens of fingers massaging my legs”…

…just in case her simile was too abstract for some viewers.


  • 2 Responses to “Igia Air-O-Sage: Is a Soothing Massage Worth Looking Like a Dork?”

  • I would love to see someone put on both the back massager and leg massager and walk around in public.

    Comment by euGene on August 22, 2011 at 11:46 am

  • While also wearing the Dr. Ho Massager.

    Comment by NosferatusCoffin on October 19, 2011 at 4:04 am