Skedaddle: Scare Dogs Off Your Sofa By Wrapping It in Tin Foil

Sometimes “solutions” are almost as annoying as the problems they were supposed to solve. The Skedaddle promises to end the problem of your pet dogs and cats soiling your furniture with dirt and hair. The only drawback is having a sofa that looks like a big pan of Jiffy Pop:

First of all, I would like to know who locks their dog in a cage in the middle of their living room just to keep him off the furniture:

As effective as the Skedaddle might be at keeping pets off of chairs and couches, I wonder how many people will be willing to have a house looking like it is filled with giant leftovers wrapped in aluminum foil. And those people who don’t mind the appearance will probably just get the idea of using Reynolds Wrap on their furniture as a “white trash Skedaddle.” (Although the phrase “white trash Skedaddle” is probably redundant.)

It did not cost a lot of money to manufacture the Skedaddle, because they obtained the material from a warehouse filled with old Slim Suits from the 1980s:


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  • They never say what the hell it is about Skedaddle that makes your pets want to stay off it.

    Comment by c_plus on October 4, 2011 at 1:30 am