Hottest Halloween Costume for 2009: Billy Mays

It’s not just Joe Fowler and Bruce Singer who are trying to be Billy Mays. This Halloween lots of people decided to go as the late, great infomercial star:

Billy Mays Costume

There were even people who imagined that the grave wasn’t strong enough to hold newly deceased pitchman and went as “Zombie Billy Mays”

Zombie Billy Mays Costume

Billy’s Oxiclean here is helpful in getting blood stains and brain matter out of his clothes.

Hat Tip: Unreality Magazine which you should really check out to see lots of other fun “only in 2009” Halloween costumes such as Balloon Boy, Octomom, and the Money You Could Be Saving with Geico

I’m a little surprised no Snuggie-based costumes made the list.

No reports yet of any trick-or-treater going as Vince from Shamwow or his hooker.


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