Does the Product Work? Review a Product and Get a Chance to Win $300!

Visit Does-the-Product-Work.comRegular readers know that is a humor/entertainment website that highlights the most ridiculous infomercials on the broadcast airwaves. Yet no matter how many disclaimers I put on this site that I “don’t review the products” many people still assume this is some sort of a product review website.

When I added a blog to my website 3 years ago, readers gained the ability to leave comments on the posts. Very often a post will get dozens of comments from people discussing the how good or bad the product itself really works, rather than talking about the infomercial advertising it. You can read the comments on the Snuggie and the Neckline Slimmer posts for examples of that. I’ve allowed these types of comments, even though that is not really what this website is for.

It is apparent that many people who see products advertised on TV want an answer to the question, “Does the Product Work?” So I’ve launched a new website called that will provide the answer. Does the Product Work? gives you an opportunity to rate and review products, especially those “As Seen On TV” items. I started things off by reviewing two products I’ve tried: Jupiter Jack and Proactiv Solution.

Submit a review and get a chance to win $300!But to encourage more people to start sharing their experiences—good and bad—with products they’ve bought, Does the Product Work? is holding a drawing. Every product review that is submitted and approved for publication between now and October 31 will be eligible for a drawing with a first prize of $300! The prizes are as follows:

First prize: $300

Second prize: Steak knives. Actually it is a complete set of Miracle Blade® III knives.

Third prize: A Snuggie. (Hey, it beats getting fired!)

For more details about the contest see the Drawing Rules and the Product Review Guidelines.

There are currently 200 products featured on with many more to come soon. So browse the Product Categories or do a Search to find out if a product you’ve tried is featured. And if you’d like to review a product but can’t find it on the site, please Suggest the Product to us.

(By the way, I wonder how many people will get where I got the idea for the second prize in the drawing.)

Update: I made a promotional video for the drawing. As you can see the production values are real ghetto:

As I said in the video, as of September 24, 2009 there are only 15 eligible reviews on the website. So if you can write an helpful review of a product you have used, you have an excellent chance of winning the $300.


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  • There should be also a fantasy/imaginative review section (and a corresponding award) for those people (such as yours truly), who do not buy products from/of infomercial, and yet have enough of free time (and no life whatsoever in any shape or form) and so may like to write imaginary reviews of things they never used!

    Do I sound like someone who needs help?

    Comment by znkp on September 24, 2009 at 9:36 pm