Youthful Essence with Suan Lucci Copies “Sex and the City”

I’ve had the infomercial for Youthful Essence with Susan Lucci on my TiVo for quite a while. But I hesitated to actually watch it because YouthfulEssence is a skin care product from Guthy-Renker, and in my opinion skin care infomercials and infomercials produced by Guthy-Renker are the most boring infomercials of all.

I finally got around to watching it and most of the Youthful Essence infomercial is indeed boring. There are, however, a couple of interesting things there.

Most notably, they try copy the TV show Sex and the City with Susan Lucci as a Carrie Bradshaw having “lunch with the girls at a chic Manhattan restaurant.” Even the background music is a rip-off of Sex and the City.

Susan Lucci promises that she and her girlfriends will “dish about everything: Men, aging, our beauty secrets, and more.” But they really don’t talk about men at all—except for that one woman who jokes about her boyfriend stealing her Youthful Essence Microdermabrasion device. Ladies, if your boyfriend is using your Youthful Essence—or any other of your skin care products—then there is a very high likelihood that he is a closeted homosexual. (Wasn’t that an episode of Sex and the City?)

Later they offer a “resurfacing tool” (great name for a skin care device) that comes with a curious “magical massage attachment.”

We all know how much women love using electric devices to “stimulate circulation.”

“The Rabbit,” anyone?


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