Nads Video: A Bunch of Women Removing Their Leg Hair on a Beach

I’ve uploaded another video clip from the Nad’s infomercial. Go to the bottom of my Nad’s infomercial review to see it.

In this video, Nad’s participates in “The Great International Hair Removal Competition,” which I’m sure is a respected event with a long history. In this “competition” held at Bronte Beach in Sydney, Australia, a group of women try different methods to remove the hair from their legs. And, amazingly, Nad’s wins!

Don’t miss the puzzled beach-goers looking at this thing and the guy who gets to rub some woman’s legs.

(Sorry about the poor video quality, but I transferred this video from an old VHS tape.)

Check it out: Nads


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  • I was wondering if anyone remembers the Ambervision Blue Blocker infomercial or if anyone has it to post on the net. I later met and became friends with the “Blue Blocker” Guy but of course he is embarrassed of his past. I was hoping to dig the infomercial up and dig him a little. Thanks, Ben

    Comment by Ben on July 22, 2007 at 9:54 pm

  • Ben:

    Here’s a video of “Dr. Geek” rapping about BluBlockers on Venice Beach:

    Also check out the official BluBlocker website:

    Comment by Paul Lucas on July 23, 2007 at 11:02 am