An Infomercial Moment on “Ugly Betty”

I don’t regularly watch the TV show Ugly Betty—mostly because it sucks. However, I came across it Thursday night while channel surfing. And what did I see but a scene in which Vanessa Williams visits a bedridden Judith Light in the hospital.

Do you see the significance here?

This is a scene featuring both the original host of the Proactiv Solution infomercial (Light) and the current host of the Proactiv Solution infomercial (Williams).

Yes, Guthy-Renker originally tapped Judith Light, best known for playing Angela on the sitcom Who’s the Boss?, to host the Proactiv infomercial. But once the cash started rolling in, they dumped the old, has-been Light and decided to retool the infomercial. The current Proactiv Solution infomercial is hosted by Vanessa Williams, chanteuse and one-time Miss America, and is stuffed to the gills with celebrity endorsements: Jessica Simpson, P. Diddy, Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears.

As I watched the scene between Judith Light and Vanessa Williams, I wondered if anyone else watching recognized this off-screen bond between the two actresses.

I quickly concluded: No, It was probably just me.


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