Tony Little Gazelle Email

From: R— L—
Date: Wednesday, March 2, 2005
Subject: tvheaven?!

Well, it is my personal opinion that you suck!!!! You have no right what so ever to judge someone else’s success out of their personal failures. How would like to be in an Automobile Accident and be given the worst case scenario and decided that you would beat those odds. No I guess not from how you explain things. You probably would have accepted those worst case odds and lived as it would have been. You liable and slander others because you have not done anything great yourself and you are jealous. But, I an owner of the freestyle Gazelle and know what the worth of this machine is and know that he sells it for far less than it’s worth. Maybe you should get off your “BU-TTOCKS” and get on one of his machines and maybe your “MOUTH” would be smaller than your “BU-TTOCKS”. At least we know one thing for sure, You would actually know what the hell your talking about instead of watching and mouthing your opinion you could actually give us a true testimony yourself. But maybe that is beneath your standards. You just like to belittle those that are greater than you and do good for all of mankind not just few of mankind. Pick on somebody you own damn size. Size 0.

Yours truly,
A freestyle gazelle owner and LOVINGGGGGGGGGG ITTTTTTT!!!!