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You’ve just descended into Infomercial Hell, a place where ridiculous TV infomercials and their tacky products get what they deserve. Since 1999 Infomercial Hell (originally named the Ridiculous Infomercial Review) has hunted down and laughed at (unintentionally) funny infomercials.

Please Note: We do not review products here!! This website laughs at things that are funny or silly in the infomercials themselves and does not endorse or denounce any of the products sold. (If you want to find product reviews, check out If you are trying to buy an As Seen On TV product, go to or to find the best offers online.)

Please enjoy the most absurd infomercials ever aired…

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  • Richard Simmons HOPE

    Richard Simmons HOPE

    Not content to age gracefully, 63-year-old fitness maven Richard Simmons parades his increasingly bizarre collection of sparkly shirts and debuts his singing and songwriting talent (!) in Project HOPE, his first major TV infomercial in over a decade.

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  • Magic Bullet

    Magic Bullet

    Here is your invitation to the hazy morning after Mick and Mimi's party. So pull up a stool and join party animal "Berman," chain-smoking "Hazel," and a bunch of yuppies as they gasp in amazement at a blender.

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  • FlowBee


    In this classic 1980s infomercial, carpenter Rick Hunts convinced "hundreds of thousands" that they could save a few bucks by getting their hair cut at home by a vacuum cleaner.

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  • Tom Vu

    Tom Vu

    In the late 80s and early 90s, a Vietnamese immigrant named Tom Vu presented mansions, yachts, luxury cars, and gorgeous women in bikinis as the inevitable rewards of his wealth system. The most shameless and best remembered of the get-rich-quick real estate infomercials.

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  • Miss Cleo

    Miss Cleo

    Babies, trust your future to de mystical powers of a psychic who can't even get her Jamaican accent right. Learn about the rise and fall of "Miss Cleo" and why her image will forever be an emblem of the phone-in psychic racket.

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