Richard Simmons Email

From: S— G—
Date: Saturday, June 03, 2000
Subject: regarding Richard Simmons

To whom it may concern:

I read your stuffy little article about Richard Simmons and I laughed! You obviously thrive on griping about the success of others, and in this case, Richard Simmons.

Who died and made YOU "the authority" on losing weight? Though I don't know anything about you, I am presuming you are not only boosting your ego, but you are probably within your ideal weight range.

So what if Richard Simmons appears in odd places. It seems he doesn't mind going to these places, now does he? So what if he hauls a bunch of overweight "bovine babydolls" (which I can say I also am) up on stage to demonstrate exercises or share stories, or even seek support from others? It may be his bread and butter, but for goodness sakes, he touches so many lives. He has this ability to reach down inside a person's heart and talk to that person as no other could. He has lived the life of an overweight individual. He has been there, my friend. Could you possibly know what that means? Can you honestly say you can identify with people like me??

Before you slam him for marketing different weight-loss programs every few years, why don't you consider that really overweight people enjoy variety as much as anyone else. Consider that a person has 75 to 100 lbs. to lose. That person cannot do it overnight, nor can they achieve a normal weight range in 6 months, possibly even a year. Consider that this hypothetical person had been faithfully following one of Richard's programs for a really long time, and perhaps this person needed some sort of change to help boost their efforts. Shame on you for slamming Richard Simmons, because you obviously do not care. You probably won't ever care.

Before I am through, I will say I am so glad Richard Simmons has more of a heart than you ever will.