Cal Pines Email

From: H— M—
Date: Friday, September 21, 2001
Subject: Cal Pines infomercial review

I just finished looking at your review of Cal Pines which my husband sent me the link too. I have mixed feelings about your review and wanted to comment. I worked for Cal Pines for 2 years and after being fired for no reason find it quite funny how you comment on the infomercial. But as a Modoc County Resident who has lived here for 21 years, I am a bit offended on your take of Modoc.

Most of the people here really are as friendly as they say in the infomercial and it is a wonderful enviornment for raising children. I moved here in 1980 at the age of 3 years old and am glad to have been raised in this enviornment. Now that I have my own children I intend to raise them here also, because of the security I feel here. I don't worry about crime nearly as much here as I did during a short stint that I recently spent in Texas.

The other thing that disturbed me was your comment, "(though, frankly, these people look less like escapees from the mean streets than refugees from suburbia)." And the comment I suspect that if the director hadn't paid off those kids they'd be pestering Ponch for his autograph, shouting "7 Mary 4," and asking "Where's John?" The "kids" that were fishing there are my cousins, and trust me, they had no clue who Erik Estrada was until my aunt told them and then they still didn't care, and no, they were not paid off by the director.

I guess basically what I am trying to get at, is though I find it commical that you are picking on California Pines, I don't appreciate the way that you depict Modoc or it's resident's. Please try to remember next time that though we may be in the sticks, we are not in the dark. Most of our residents are of high moral standards and very hard workers. I could in turn tell you how I feel about Southern California, but I don't judge the majority by the minority as you seem to have done.