Cyber Clean: Finally a Useful Purpose for Slime

Those of you who grew up in the 1980s will remember just how popular “slime” was. The kids’ TV show You Can’t Do That On Television would pour slime on the heads of anyone unfortunate enough to utter, “I don’t know.” In the blockbuster movie Ghostbusters, various ghosts left trails of ectoplasm in their wakes. Soon enough, toy manufacturers began to cash in on this popularity by creating slime toys. These brightly colored quantities of goo in short canisters provided great fun for a about half a day, and then you got bored and watched He-Man.

One big reason for the short play life of the slime toy was that it picked up all kinds of dirt (especially carpet fibers). Someone has decided this is actually useful feature and now markets slime under the name Cyber Clean with an infomercial touting its amazing cleaning properties.

If you’ve ever used silly putty, then you can use Cyber Clean to clean up your filthy keyboards and cell phones. But, as with the old slime toys, the question remains: What do you use to clean Cyber Clean?


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