Tony Little Video: T & A & Darla Haun

I’ve uploaded a video montage from the Tony Little Gazelle Freestyle infomercial. See amazing highlights of this infomercial with veteran hostess Darla Haun. Watch as fitness trainer Tony Little pratically humps Darla Haun on the Gazelle Freestyle exercise machine! Listen to Tony Little say BU-TTOCKS! Watch Tony and Darla go cheek to cheek! Hear the cheesy workout synthesizer music! See Darla Haun take her top off (well, sort of)!

I’ve added this video to the bottom of my review of the Tony Little Gazelle. Check it out: Tony Little Gazelle.


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  • rape. Rape? RAPE! AHHHHH

    Comment by ModernDays on November 15, 2016 at 3:21 pm