Alzare Video: See a Real Ladies’ Man in Action

Men, have you been buying books with titles like How To Pick Up Sexy Chicks and The Ugly Man’s Guide to Getting Laid in a desperate attempt to attract the opposite sex?

Well, look no further! Here’s a video clip that will show you how a real operator gets himself the ladies.

In this clip from the Alzare pills infomercial, hostess Jenny Richards takes questions from the studio audience. One smooth character decides to ask “Dancer/Model” Teri out on a date. This has to be among the most awkward moments ever broadcast on an infomercial.

In response Teri looks at her watch. Either she’s trying to arrange a time with the guy or she’s trying to figure out how much longer till this whole thing is over.

Later a lady asks if they make a version of Alzare penis enlargement pills for women! I’m not even sure what that question is supposed to mean.

Check the video at the bottom of my Alzare review page: Alzare


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